About Turning Point of Central California, Inc.

Turning Point of Central California, Inc. (TPOCC) provides exceptional services to clients across the central state of California in the areas of behavioral/mental health, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, recovery services, employment, housing assistance, community corrections and forensic mental health, residential treatment, and a host of related areas. Services are provided for clients of all ages in a variety of locations throughout the state in both rural and urban locales. TPOCC has successfully contracted with Federal, State, Regional, and County entities since 1970 and has a sustained growth rate of 9%. Currently, TPOCC operates over 50 programs, has over 700 employees and contracted staff members, and has a presence in 10 California counties. An appreciation of diversity, while using client centered treatment models, assists our well-trained staff to “help those in need” in improving their lives one step at a time! Turning Point of Central California’s headquarters is located in Visalia, California.